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Book no.1


Rough Cut
Rough Cut Cover with Blood Front VHRES V

As the Nazi storm clouds were gathering, Charlie Robertson was growing up as a Cockney kid, dodging the poverty, and then the Luftwaffe bombs falling on London.  As the bombing raids increase, his mother, in a desperate attempt to protect her son, sends seven year old Charlie away to Australia, all alone. 


He feels abandoned and vows to return one day. One day when he wouldn't be a penniless kid any more. He suffers years of fruitless hard work and frustration, culminating in great tragedy. Finally, his luck changes and he finds pink diamonds, the rarest diamonds on earth, but finding the diamonds turns out to be the easy part. Getting them onto the international market is a much more difficult problem as Charlie soon discovers. 


He is confronted by a world of corrupt Government officials, sleazy international bankers, a global diamond monopoly, South African killers and a ruthless ex-Stasi Colonel, all trying to stop him. 


But giving up wasn’t in Charlie Robertson’s DNA...  



Rough Cut is the first book in the Charlie Robertson Series.

Brilliant Cut is the sequel to Rough Cut, where the newly married Charlie Robertson continues his struggle to establish his international diamond empire, but now having enemies more determined than ever trying to stop him.


Two South African murderers, Jan Kruger and Marius Botha, were outplayed by Charlie in Rough Cut, will now go to almost any lengths to prevent Robertson Mining ever selling diamonds. But Kruger and Botha look like Florence Nightingale compared to the evil but highly intelligent Konrad Lubbe, the ex-Stasi Colonel now out to make Charlie pay, and pay dearly.


Fortunately, Charlie has his lifelong friend Jack Foster as his Head of Security to help protect him, supported by Sir Alan Kingston running his state-of-the-art diamond cutting and finishing business, Groots & Co, in London.  But to make matters even worse, Groots Finance Manager, Elizabeth Jenkins, discovers that diamonds are missing in London.


Charlie’s journey ranges from Mt Robertson in Australia’s Kimberley, to London, Hong Kong, New York, Geneva and Paris, trying to outplay his enemies as well as satisfying the hedonistic desires of the super rich to own the world’s most desirable diamonds, pink diamonds… 


Brilliant Cut is the second book in the Charlie Robertson Series.

Brilliant Cut New Cover Front & Spline V
Brilliant Cut


An instrument probe that automatically transmits information about its surroundings underground, underwater, in the atmosphere, etc. (French Sonde: sounding line, probe, Old French sund, from sund: sea)


The President’s Cut is the sequel to Brilliant Cut, and the global arms race has shifted from satellites and drones which see everything on the ground to cyber warfare where nations have whole departments of pimply kids barely out of school using supercomputers to crack the firewalls of other nations strategic defences. Literally everything with a hard-wired internet connection is vulnerable. The only fail safe defence is to be hidden away from the ever searching eyes from the sky, and to be always moving deep under the ocean.


The US Navy has laid vast arrays of listening sondes on the ocean floor from the northern tip of Scotland all the way to Greenland to track the movements of the Russian nuclear submarine fleet leaving their northern port of Severomorsk on the Barents Sea two degrees north of the Arctic Circle. But to overcome this, the Russians have developed top secret multi-frequency listening technology that can very accurately locate the American listening sondes, and the Russians plan to use it in a series of hunter killer submarine drones to destroy the American system. This top secret listening technology is based on having large, flawless crystals of carbon which have a constant oscillation frequency even in the freezing conditions of the Arctic Ocean, and the best carbon crystals to use are ones with a slight pinkish coloration … pink diamonds.


The race to secure the world’s best pink diamonds becomes a high priority for the Russian External Intelligence Agency, and they devise an elaborate plan to force Charlie Robertson to sell his diamond empire to a Russian businessman, Nikolai Kasimov, by kidnapping Charlie’s daughter, while at the same time distracting the President of the United States from a naval problem in the Arctic Ocean by also kidnapping his daughter.  


The President’s Cut is the third book in the Charlie Robertson Series 

The President's Cut

The Rarest Cut is the sequel to The President's Cut.  


Once in a generation, unthinkable evil rears its ugly head, demanding someone exceptional, someone ruthless, someone with brains not brawn. Thank heavens Charlie Robertson is around when you need him. 

In an epic tale spanning the globe, from a fossil dig site in outback Australia to Hatton Garden in central London, from Washington to Zurich, from Moscow to Milan, Charlie Robertson has to battle on multiple fronts to protect his family and ensure the security of the Western world. 


When an international team of palaeontologists want to explore Charlie Robertson's land in Western Australia for ancient fossils, the request didn't even reach Charlie's desk, and his son Andrew running the Australian diamond mining operation, approved it without a second thought. But when two members of the team fell over a cliff and died, it did reach Charlie's desk and he wondered if there was more to it. 

Then he received a surprise call from Dr James Grosvenor, the head of the Grosvenor Pharmaceutical Corporation in London. Grosvenor wanted to talk about nanodiamonds, something Charlie had never heard of, but rapidly discovered that they were a giant breakthrough in medical technology. They had vast potential but were missing a key to unlock their life-saving capabilities which might be found by using Charlie's diamonds. Charlie becomes deeply involved with nanodiamonds, but a giant Swiss drug company, Bachmann Gerber AG, is determined to stop him.


Then he discovers what the palaeontologists were really searching for and every pariah state and terrorist organisation are after it, intending to brush Charlie and his family aside to get it. If they do, the security of the western world is at stake.   

The Rarest Cut
3D BOOK GOLD TITLE V3 Shadow 12 October 2022.png
Dr Davenport
DR DAVENPORT Book Front & Spline View Hi

Dr Susan Davenport has worked hard all her life, but now at aged thirty eight, she was divorced and struggling to raise her eight year old daughter Lucy after her cheating ex-husband left her with a huge mortgage. To make matters even worse, she’s had to sell her partnership in the medical practice she works at to pay off all the debts of her ex-husband.  


So, when the giant Grosvenor Pharmaceutical Corporation comes calling on her to run a clinical trial of their new diabetes drug, Millimax, she is sceptical and too busy to bother with it. 


But sometimes things aren’t always as they seem, and the billionaire owner of the Grosvenor Corporation, James Grosvenor, has something else entirely in mind for Susan Davenport.





Sometimes when you're down,

your deceased grandfather comes to the rescue



Dr Davenport is a Novella

An Interview with Sir Charles Robertson 

An Interview 3D Cover December 2020 Ver

Sir Charles Robertson, founder and owner of the Groots Corporation, finally gives his first-ever interview to respected journalist Lynette De Fries-Baker. She asks him some searching questions about pink diamonds and his almost unbelievable rags-to-riches story.   


For the first time ever,  "An Interview with Sir Charles Robertson" by the respected and feared London-based journalist, Lynette De Fries-Baker.

Is Charlie the good guy that everybody sees, or is he a Machiavellian murderer who'll stop at nothing to succeed?


"...essential reading for fans of Charlie Robertson!"

"...Ms Baker doesn't pull any punches.!"

"The truth is rarely pure and never simple."

Oscar Wilde





Timewise, An Interview with SirCharles Robertson

comes after The President's Cut.



This story is  a Novella

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