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Back Cover Summary:

Rough Cut Cover with Blood Front & Splin

Pink diamonds, the rarest, most expensive on earth, bring out the worst in people. 


Desire always...     Corruption inevitably...    Murder as a matter of course... 

Charlie Robertson went from penniless Cockney kid dodging Nazi bombing raids, to successful businessman lying in a coma in St Thomas’s Hospital in London, all because of pink diamonds.  

They drew him into a world of corrupt Government officials, sleazy international bankers, a global diamond monopoly, South African killers, and a ruthless ex-Stasi Colonel, which nearly killed him.  They also made him half a billion pounds.

Hatton Garden, London 1980. Businessman Charlie Robertson is savagely beaten up. He fades into a coma but can hear the sirens of the ambulance coming to his rescue. He drifts even deeper into the blackness but can still hear the sirens. He forces his eyes open to find he’s in an Anderson air raid shelter next to his mother, and the sirens are warning against yet another Luftwaffe bombing raid...

Diamond with Blood for Rough Cut No Back

Rough Cut is the  first book in the Charlie Robertson series.

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