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"The President’s Cut moves the action up to a whole new level. In Rough Cut and Brilliant Cut, Charlie only had to contend with evil individuals, now he’s up against evil nations.


The focus of the action is in the US where Charlie is rapidly trying to expand his diamond empire with new Signature Stores opening in Beverley Hills and Chicago, as well as already having the fabulous Store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. 


The Russians, after extensive secret research, have discovered that pink diamonds enable ultra-sensitive acoustic location to be possible over long distances under water, and this is about to change the balance of power for the world’s submarines. The Russian External Intelligence Agency, the SVR, will go to almost any lengths to secure the world’s best flawless pink diamonds, and that means controlling Robertson Mining. 


The basic idea to write The President’s Cut around submarine technology came from my good friend in Canberra (thank you Dr Moorhouse), and then to involve the POTUS came from already having Frank Santini as the New York mayor in Brilliant Cut.  


Charlie’s children, Andrew and Sarah also take a key role in the story, not only because Charlie is an older man now and his children are adults, but also because Andrew is a bit of an ‘action’  figure. 


If you liked the first two books, I think you’ll definitely like this one.


Oh, and would I like to be Charlie Robertson in another life? Let me think about that for a nano-second …


Happy Reading.”


Peter Gray

The President's Cut is the sequel to Brilliant Cut and is the third book in the Charlie Robertson series.

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