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“Brilliant Cut is the sequel to Rough Cut and continues Charlie Robertson’s story developing his diamond empire.


It always seemed to me that Charlie would encounter a multitude of problems, and his journey wouldn’t be easy. He encountered personal tragedy in Rough Cut, and that stays with him throughout his life, but it also helps to drive him to succeed — he wants to show his deceased mother that he can be successful.

He then encounters serious enemies trying to stop him. The two South African killers in Rough Cut, Jan Kruger and Marius Botha, return in Brilliant Cut and are out to destroy Charlie's diamond empire. Also the highly intelligent ex-Stasi Colonel, Konrad Lubbe, who appeared briefly in Rough Cut, now plans to make Charlie pay dearly for causing Lubbe to lose millions in Rough Cut.


As Charlie dramatically expands his business in Brilliant Cut, Sir Alan Kingston, Charlie’s head man at Groots & Co in London, employs more staff to cope with the extra workload, but some new staff are more trustworthy than others.


 Charlie’s son Andrew, is now a man in Brilliant Cut and begins to take an increasing role in his dad’s business, along with his younger sister, Sarah. Andrew is a chip off the old block except being a younger, taller, and better looking version of Charlie, and this doesn’t go unnoticed by a few females at Groots & Co. 


The action takes place in London, Australia, New York, Hong Kong, Geneva and Paris, as Charlie’s business gets bigger along with his problems. 


I enjoyed writing Brilliant Cut, and some parts of it put a smile on my face. I hope they put a smile on yours as well. Enjoy.”


Peter Gray

Brilliant Cut is the sequel to Rough Cut and is the second book in the Charlie Robertson series.

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