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Groots & Co, London: 

Charlie Robertson

Founder and owner of the Robertson Corporation based in London. Charlie has now expanded his business working from his base in London with Groots stores opening around the world to provide sales outlets for his fabulous pink diamonds. Charlie's favourite tipple is a  Tanqueray and tonic with a slice of lime. 

Catherine Robertson

Charlie's second wife and Director of International Marketing for the Robertson Corporation. 

Andrew Robertson

Charlie's son from his first wife, Rebecca. Andrew is now a young man and is taking an increasing role in his dad's business. 

Sarah Robertson

Charlie's daughter from his first wife, Rebecca, and has now grown into a stunning looking young woman but that belies her intelligence and determination to help her family succeed. 

Sir Alan Kingston

General Manager, Groots & Co Hatton Garden London. Although Kingston is tall, elegant and sophisticated, a demeanour he learnt in order to sell diamonds to the rich, he actually grew up as a Cockney boy the same as Charlie. That's probably why they get on so well.  Charlie leaves Kingston to run Groots and considers it to be his bailiwick, not Charlie's. That's also why Charlie insists on not having an office in Hatton Garden building.  

Jack Foster

Charlie's lifelong friend who he first met on the docks in Southampton in 1940. They travelled to Australia together on MV Lowestoft along with Tommy Anderson and other children escaping Britain as part of Churchill's Operation Pied Piper.

Isaac Galinsky

A Jewish jeweller in Hatton Garden London. Robert Sonderstein's cousin. In fact, Sonderstein first contacts Galinsky to ask him if he knows of a way for Charlie to sell his pink diamonds onto the international market. Galinsky first alerts Charlie that Groots & Co is for sale. Charlie subsequently employs both Galinsky and Sonderstein.

Elizabeth Jenkins

Finance Manager, Groots & Co Hatton Garden. Divorced and has a teenage daughter Lucy. Is attracted to Andrew Robertson.  

Richard Dawkins

Quality Control Manager, Groots & Co Hatton Garden. A sly, womanising narcissist, but can present a slick persona to impress Sir Alan Kingston.  Essentially a lazy upper class pillock.  

Anne Sullivan

Charlie Robertson's Personal Assistant.  Now lives in London in Catherine's old flat in Kennington, but often travels the world with Charlie.

Susan Phillips

Sir Alan Kingston's loyal secretary. She secretly has a crush on Kingston, but she keeps this to herself. Is jealous of both Anne Sullivan and Catherine Robertson.


Caroline Browning

Detective Inspector with the Metropolitan Police in London, but is fed up working for a pompous boss, Chief Inspector Taylor. Consequently, she accepts a job working for Charlie as 2IC in security under Jack Foster.  

Bill Stephenson

Stephenson was the crack marksman in the SAS, but got sick of duty in the Middle East and left to join the Armed Response Unit in SO19, of the Metropolitan Police in London.   

Tommy Anderson

Charlie's lifelong friend who he first met on the docks in Southampton in 1940. They travelled to Australia together on MV Lowestoft along with Jack Foster and other children escaping Britain as part of Churchill's Operation Pied Piper.

Hannah Jenkins

Elizabeth Jenkins 16-year-old daughter. Secretly has a crush on Andrew Robertson as well as her mother, Elizabeth. 

Konrad Lubbe

Ex-Stasi Colonel, now a major criminal living in a large house in Hampstead Heath in London. He makes his fortune through arms trading, drugs, money lending and prostitution.

Dietrich Gruber

Lubbe's trusted lieutenant and does much of Lubbe's dirty work eliminating Lubbe's problems. 

Elena Horenko

High class East German prostitute—works for Konrad Lubbe in London. 

Groots & Co, Fifth Avenue, New York:  

Alison Saxby

​Sotheby's Manhattan Fine Jewellery Manager. A sophisticated fifty-something New Yorker who has more social contacts that the mayor. Charlie offers her the position as Manager, Groots & Co Fifth Avenue, and she jumps at the opportunity. 


David Rabinowicz

​A New Yorker and Jewish diamond expert who knows everybody in the diamond business in the Big Apple. Charlie offers him the position as General Manager Groots & Co North America, and he gratefully accepts the position. He is tall, elegant and gay.

Doreen Tuross

​A nightshift cleaner at Groots & Co Fifth Avenue. 

New York: 

Frank Santini

​Mayor of New York City.  Charlie figures that in order to expand Groots & Co into North America, it wouldn't hurt to have friends in high places. Charlie makes a generous donation to the mayor's fund, and in return, Santini officially opens Groots & Co Fifth Avenue. Santini is a democrat, and he has been around the political block a few times so he knows how to get things done both in New York and in Washington. This prompts him to run for President after his term as mayor ends. 


Dalia Obermeyer

​A tough as nails gal from the Bronx, who has seen it all and still has some shady contacts, but now masquerades as a New York socialite. Likes to be seen at all the main social events preferably dressed in diamonds. 

Jan Kruger

A South African enforcer and thug for Hartog Diamonds. Lives in Johannesburg but travels the world eliminating opposition to ensure Hartog's interests always come first.  Ruthless, with the instincts of a sewer rat. 

Marius Botha

Kruger's offsider. Also a South African enforcer and thug for Hartog Diamonds. Lives in Johannesburg but travels the world following Kruger's direction to eliminate opposition. An evil killer and slob. 

Hansie de Boer

Hartog Diamonds Mr Fixit in Manhattan. Crafty and good at voice imitation. Uses his wits to survive.

Gustav Bergstrom

A good looking, forty something Swede who has a panache for design and architecture. Initially studied art in Stockholm before moving to study architecture in London under Norman Foster. Currently works in the Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) in Manhattan as a senior architect, and is on a full-time retainer with the Groots Corporation.  

Hong Kong: 

Josephine Chang

Manager for Fine Jewellery, Sotheby's Hong Kong. As a young girl, she escaped mainland China and reached Hong Hong, only to live in a small crowded apartment with her parents. But she worked hard and won a place at Oxford which eventually led her back to the job at Sotheby's in Hong Kong. Charlie is impressed with her, and offers her the job as manager of the new Groots store on Bond Street knowing that many wealthy Asians like to shop in London. She accepts the position.

Perth, Western Australia: 

Robert Sonderstein

Jewish jeweller who escaped the Nazis in Europe as a young boy and has seen it all. He has contacts all over the world in the diamond trade and speaks Polish, Russian, Hebrew as well as English. He lives in Perth, Western Australia and he now works for Charlie full time as a diamond assessor.  

Ben Goldman 

An accountant and nephew of Robert Sonderstein working for Rio Tinto in Perth. When Charlie is looking for an accountant for the Perth office Sonderstein suggests Goldman. He is now both the Finance Manager and Office manager for the Perth office of Robertson Mining. 

David Perkins 

Senior Mining Engineer with West Australian Mining & Engineering Consultants (WAME) and is on a full-time retainer for Robertson Mining. Based in Perth Western Australia. Skilled in mine design and mining logistics. He designed the open pit at Mt Robertson and continues to monitor and refine the design as additional geological information becomes avaialble. Works closely with Michael O'Connor.  

Michael O'Connor (Micky) 

An Irishman who studied at Queens in Belfast was initially employed as a contract geologist by Robertson Mining but is now full time. He discovered the diamond placer deposits at Mt Robertson. His biggest geological challenge is determining the extent of the volcanic pipe below the depth of current borehole drilling. He is currently using seismics and magnetic studies to refine this. He works closely with David Perkins and spends his time either at Mt Robertson or in the Robertson Mining Perth office.  

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