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For me, WRITING is mostly about thinking, thinking about interesting places and the characters that inhabit them. Their needs, their desires, their foibles and so on. So to do that I need a place to think, and this is one of my favourite places to do that.  The Pacific.  On an early morning like this, it's magical. 

For READING, you need some 'You' time. There are always a million household jobs to do, forget them for now. Find a comfy chair where you can put your feet up. A cup of tea or coffee with a few biscuits, or preferably a glass of something relaxing, is essential, Doctor's orders. Now, kick your shoes off and grab a few cushions. Loosen your belt and undo a few buttons. Are you comfortable? Okay, give me ten minutes. If you're not hooked on Rough Cut after ten minutes, then it's not the book for you, put it down and at least enjoy your glass of red. But I suspect, you'll finish the glass of red without even thinking about it. 

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