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Sir Charles Robertson

Founder and owner of the Robertson Corporation which becomes the Groots Corporation after troubles with a Russian businessman in New York called Nikolai Kasimov. Charlie now has Groots & Co stores in London, Paris, New York, Beverley Hills and Chicago, and plans to open many more stores around the world. His wife Catherine runs the detail of the international expansion assisted by his daughter Sarah. Charlie's son Andrew, is running diamond mining and production in Australia.  Charlie is now on first name terms with the US President, Frank Santini; the British Prime Minister, Amanda Huntington; and the Prince of Wales, Charles Windsor. 

Catherine Robertson

Charlie's second wife and Director of International Marketing for the Groots Corporation. She is a sophisticated and intelligent woman who doesn't suffer fools gladly learnt from her time being the Chief Concierge at the Savoy Hotel in London. She speaks passable French, German and Italian and works closely with both Sir Alan Kingston and Gustav Bergstrom, the Architect.  

Andrew Robertson

Charlie and Rebecca's (his first wife) son. A taller and better-looking version of his father. Now running the Australian operation, but he had regular trips back to London and around the world. A great swimmer—Charlie taught him to swim in the ocean at Perth when he was growing up—and now a great snow skier. He took up skiing when he was at Sydney University with regular trips down to Perisher valley in the winter. Now he likes to grab a few days skiing whenever he can around the world, with his favourite places being Zermatt and Whistler. 

Sarah Robertson

Charlie and Rebecca's (his first wife) daughter. A stunning looking blond, Sarah Robertson could easily be a model, but she will only model Groots & Co jewellery for her Dad. Sarah is rapidly learning about the Groots business working with Catherine, and will one day take over the business along with Andrew.  She knows her Dad thinks that the Groots Corporation is owned by the family, not just by him, so that if anything happens to him, the company will still continue.   

Jack Foster

Charlie's lifelong friend and now Head of Security for the Groots Corporation worldwide. Tall and lugubrious, his laid back approach has proved to be invaluable in his line of work. He has many contacts in the Western Australian Police Department, The Metropolitan Police, the NYPD and Interpol. Would do anything for Charlie, and vice versa. 

Sir Alan Kingston

General Manager, Groots & Co Hatton Garden London. Kingston is tall, elegant and sophisticated, a demeanour he learnt in order to sell diamonds to the rich. He also knows the diamond industry inside out from a lifetime of experience in it from the ground up. Originally a Cockney like Charlie, but he lost the accent to sell diamonds. He is single and gay and likes to play golf for relaxation.  

Isaac Galinsky

A Jewish jeweller who knows more about diamonds than anyone. Now Chief Jewellery Designer for Groots & Co, but his role is much broader than the title suggests. He has employed the best jewellery designers from around the world, and using the latest 3D laser technology, can produce some spectacular designs. Galinsky also has an extended network of family contacts to alert him to new developments in the diamond industry. 

Caroline Browning 

Deputy Head of Security for Groots & Co worldwide. Previously a Detective Inspector with the Metropolitan Police in London, but was frustrated in that job by her overbearing and pompous boss, Chief Inspector Taylor. 

Bill Stephenson

Tall and solid, he is an ex-SAS sniper and ex-SO19 Metropolitan Police marksman. He is now Head of the Robertson Corporation’s Protective Group after Catherine and Sarah had both been kidnapped in the past. He is divorced after his ex-wife went off with a banker, although Bill always spells that word with a 'w'.  

Elizabeth Jenkins

Finance Manager Groots & Co in Hatton Garden. Divorced with a teenage daughter Lucy. LIves in Dulwich in London in a large house, the only proceeds from her divorce. Good with numbers and tax issues. In an on-again-off-again relationship with Andrew Robertson. 


Anne Sullivan

Charlie Robertson's Personal Assistant and Secretary. 


Amanda Huntington

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  


Phillip Carruthers

The Prime MInister's Principal Private Secretary. 

Dwight Anderson

The Ambassador of the United States to the Court of St James. A stocky, bullish man who is friends with the President.  


Barbara Anderson

The US Ambassador's wife. Appears to be a blonde Barbie doll type, but is actually as sharp as a whip.  


Groots & Co, Fifth Avenue, New York:  

Alison Saxby

Executive Manager, Fifth Avenue Signature Store. 

David Rabinowicz

General Manager, Groots & Co, North America. 

Larry Evans

Senior Security Officer, Groots & Co. ex-Marines. 

Doug Sheppard

Security Officer, Groots & Co. ex-LAPD.

Gayle Flanagan

Ski Instructor at Whistler, Canada. 

Washington, D. C. :

Frank Santini

The President of the United States of America (POTUS).

Helen Santini

Frank Santini's wife. 

Charlotte Santini

Frank Santini's 20-year-old daughter studying at Columbia University in New York.


Frank Santini's loyal secretary

Howard Patterson

Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Rudi Sanchez

Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Ralph Morgan

Secretary for Homeland Security.

St Petersburg:

Alexander Vasilevsky

Maths & Physics Genius, Head of Acoustic Research, Rubin Submarine Design Bureau.

Irina Orlov

Senior Physics Researcher, Rubin Submarine Design Bureau.


Captain Baranov

Senior Russian Naval Captain, Undersea Warfare Program. 

Captain Azarov

Captain of the nuclear-powered Borei-class submarine Lenin

Lieutenant Grankin

Communications Officer on board the submarine Lenin. 

Admiral Krayevsky

Head of the Russian Navy based in St Petersburg. 


Arkady Zhukov

Director, Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki (SVR), Russia'sExternal Intelligence Agency.


Dieter Schneider

A German private investment banker with the Deutsche Finanzdienstleistungsbank based in Frankfurt.


Jan Bezek

A commodities trader based in Prague. 


Dr Christain Ottinger 

A Swiss engineering manager from Zurich.


Zhukov's Secretary in Moscow. 

Boris Yudin

Director, Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye (GRU), Russia's Main Intelligence Directorate. A porcine man who likes young girls and praline chocolates.

Fyodor Petrov

President of Russia. A cunning and ruthless operator.

Yevgeni Tereshchenko

Russian Defence Minister under Fyodor Petrov.

General Konstantin Suvorin

Chief of the Russian Defence Staff, Moscow. 


Manhattan, New York:

Nikolai Kasimov

Russian Oligarch and Playboy living in a penthouse in Central Park West, New York. Well educated, tech-savvy, and more at home on Wall Street than on Red Square. His father was an oil and gas millionaire in Russia, but when he died, Kasimov sold the lot and invested in the NASDAQ and Apple and his wealth skyrocketed. Weedy with a sallow face, the result of too many drugs, he spent his time drinking, whoring, and attending parties. His sybaritic lifestyle attracted the attention of Arkady Zhukov.  

Sergei Lukin

Senior Field Operations Commander for the SVR normally based in the US reporting to Arkady Zhukov.


SVR Agent in the US reporting to Sergei Lukin.

Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland:

Lachlan MacIntyre

Captain and owner of the 65-metre long fishing trawler, the Betty Burke, named after the Irish spinning maid whose identity Bonny Prince Charlie had assumed to escape the English after the Jacobites were defeated in 1746. Lachlan MacIntyre was a proud Scotsman.  


Leading Hand on the fishing trawler, the Betty Burke. 

Captain Saunders

Head of the Royal Navy's Marine Intellligence Unit at Faslane, located on the River Clyde near Glasgow, Scotland.  

Commander Hazelton

Officer-in-Charge (OIC) of the sixteen-man Special Boat Service (SBS) Troop

US Atlantic Fleet Command, Norfolk, Virginia:

Robert J Nemcheck

Rear Admiral, Head of the US Atlantic Fleet Command. Been in the US Navy all his career and worked his way up from the bottom. An astute operator who never takes anything at face value. 

Todd Bainbridge

Petty Officer Underwater Surveillance Group. 

Lieutenant Harrison

Controller Underwater Surveillance Group. 

Robertson Corporation, Perth, Australia:

Robert Sonderstein

General Manager Manager, Robertson Corporation, Perth, Australia. His principle role is to use his lifetime of  experience to assess and grade the raw diamonds from Mt Robertson before they are sent to Groots & Co in London. However, he introduces the latest laser technology to help with this task. Sonderstein has contacts in the diamond business all over the world and Charlie values his opinion highly.  

Ben Goldman 

Finance Manager at Robertson Corporation in Perth, Australia. Also takes on the role as Manager of the Perth Office running the day to day operation when Andrew is not around. A nephew of Robert Sonderstein. 

Copenhagen, Denmark:

Nigel Courtenay


Roger Hastings

MI6 Russian Section Chief, London. He talks regularly with Todd Johnson at the CIA and they set up a joint sting operation to capture Alexander Vasilevsky when he attends an Acoustics Conference in Copenhaagen. He poses as an academic, Dr Roger Hastings from London University, attending the Conference with other academics. He looks like a friendly uncle, but inside he is a ruthless operator.  

Todd Johnson


Dr David Stirling 

CIA Chief Russian Desk, Washington. Works closely with Nigel Courtenay his equivalent at MI6, and they set up a sting operation to capture Vasilevsky when he visits an Acoustics Conference in Copenhagen. Poses as an academic, Dr David Stirling also from London University, attending the Conference. 

Scott Baker


Dr Derek Armstrong

CIA Behavioural Psychologist, Washington. Works on a joint CIA/MI6 sting operation to capture Alexander Vasilevsky in Copenhagen where he poses as Dr Derek Armstrong from Manchester University. Brought into the team to predict what Vasilevsky will do, and what his body language is saying. 

Synnove Karlstedt 


Dr Imogen Hamilton   

Agent of Politiets Efterretningstjeneste (PET) or Danish Security and Intelligence Service, Copenhagen. Seconded to MI6 to work on the sting operation against Alexander Vasilevsky, where she poses as Dr Imogen Hamilton, an academic from Cambridge University. After that, Charlie offers her a position working for the Groots Corporation to track down Zhukov, then working in the Groots Security team. She accepts and tracks down Zhukov's right-hand man, Lukin, and shoots him between the eyes. Works closely with Bill Stephenson and is attracted to him. 

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