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"The idea for Dr Davenport came from looking back at my own ancestors and realising how much we all owe to the people who have gone before us. We may look fondly back at old black and white photographs, but they rarely reveal the hardship and suffering that so many people went through, particularly during the First and Second World Wars.


We can never repay the debt we all owe to them, but I wanted to try and put that into a story where somebody does remember, and does try to repay that debt.


So if you can't repay the long-gone ancestor, you have to repay the descendants.  


But what happens when you're trying to repay the descendants, you become further indebted to them?


That's the basic premise behind the story. 


I also wanted to have a female, Susan Davenport, as the main character, and without giving too much away, enable her to take the lead as far as romance is concerned.  I think readers have had more than enough of male misogynists. So I've tried to turn things around a bit and make Susan the dominant character.  


It's only a Novella but I hope you like it."




James Grosvenor and Susan Davenport reappear in The Rarest Cut.


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