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THE Rarest CUT

"With The Rarest Cut I didn't want to have a repeat of the same basic storylines of the other books. There are so many thriller and crime fiction books that have the same basic storyline except for locations and character names. They are not original, and the reader knows what's going to happen way before the end of the book. For example, "Big stranger walks into town, beats up the bad guys, then walks out of town." Ring any bells?  I wanted to have a different, original storyline, but with all the same elements that readers liked in the other books. 


So I not only have new characters with new locations involving fossils, nanodiamonds, and rare earth metals, but also I've put a major surprise in at the beginning of the book to keep readers on their toes!


The Rarest Cut involved considerable research and I've tried to make all the locations, science, palaeontology and military technology as realistic as possble. I hope I haven't overwhelmed you with too much detail.

The underlying theme of course, is that good needs to stand up against evil, and that when dictators rule, misery inevitably follows. I think that is obvious in today's world, and I've tried to make that clear in this book. 

If you liked the other books, then I think you’ll like this one, but let me know. You can leave a comment or review on this website. 


Happy Reading.”


Peter Gray

The Rarest Cut is the sequel to The President's Cut and is the fourth book in the Charlie Robertson series.

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