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Terry the Titanosaur

Terry wasn’t tiny.

He wasn’t small, or medium sized, or even big.

Not skinny or thin.

Not even generously proportioned.

No, Terry wasn’t even large.

Calling him enormous was all wrong.

He wasn’t even close to being huge...

Terry The Titanosaur is a story about how the largest dinosaur that ever walked the earth, had a poor body image and instead of being big, Terry wanted to be fast and agile like Vincent the Velociraptor.


But Terry is then able to use his giant size to rescue all the other dinosaurs, and he becomes a hero.


Terry the Titanosaur contains the subtle message to children, that its okay not to have the perfect body image, and that even the most unlikely people can be a hero.

Designed to allow the children to participate along with the dinosaur sounds with the adult reader. Ages 2 to 6.


Terry the Titanosaur is the FIRST of the GRANDPA'S BEDTIME TALES SERIES 

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