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Simon the Spinosaurus 

Simon the Spinosaurus was a very friendly dinosaur but unfortunately he didn’t look very friendly at all. 

That’s because Simon was the largest carnivore ever to walk the earth, and he had  huge jaws filled with lots of long sharp teeth.

So when he smiled and said, “Hello” to the other dinosaurs, he looked extremely fierce.

Simon The Spinosaurus is a story about how the largest carnivore dinosaur that ever walked the earth, found it difficult to make friends because all the other dinosaurs ran away when they saw him. 


Simon is able to help a family of hungry Iguanodons who are being threatened by a pack of nasty Velociraptors by chasing them away, and then feeding the Iguanodons fish, because Simon is a fisherman. 


Simon the Spinosaurus contains the subtle message to children, about how to make friends.

Designed to allow the children to participate along with the dinosaur sounds with the adult reader. Ages 2 to 6.


Simon the Spinosaurus is the SECOND of the GRANDPA'S BEDTIME TALES SERIES 

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