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Ignatius the Iguanodon 

Ignatius the baby Iguanodon was very clever. He could read books all by himself, and could count to five, and he even knew that one plus one equals two.

He used the sharp spike on one of his hands to hold a book, and used the spike on his other hand to pull off fern leaves to eat.

He was a multi-skilled Iguanodon. 

Ignatius the Iguanodon is a story about an Iguanodon who spent all his time reading and studying and didn’t have any time for friends, but when he is chased by a fierce Tyrannosaurus, Ignatius’ friends come and rescue him. He then realises that its important to have good friends.  


Designed to allow the children to participate along with the dinosaur sounds with the adult reader. Ages 2 to 6. Ignatius the Iguanodon contains the subtle message to children that its important to play and have fun with friends.


Ignatius the Iguanodon is the THIRD of the GRANDPA'S BEDTIME TALES SERIES 

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