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Back Cover Summary:

Brilliant Cut New Cover Front & Spline V

Brilliant Cut is the sequel to ‘Rough Cut’, where the newly married Charlie Robertson continues his struggle to establish his international diamond business, but now having enemies more determined than ever trying to stop him.  


Two South African murderers, Jan Kruger and Marius Botha, were outplayed by Charlie in Rough Cut, and now will go to almost any lengths to prevent Robertson Mining ever selling diamonds. But Kruger and Botha look like Florence Nightingale compared to the evil but highly intelligent Konrad Lubbe, the ex-Stasi Colonel now out to make Charlie pay, and pay dearly. 


Fortunately, Charlie has his lifelong friend Jack Foster as his Head of Security to help protect him, supported by Sir Alan Kingston running his state-of-the-art diamond cutting and finishing business, Groots & Co, in London.  But to make matters even worse, Groots Finance Manager, Elizabeth Jenkins, discovers that diamonds are missing in London. 


Charlie’s journey ranges from Mt Robertson in Australia’s Kimberley, to London, Hong Kong, New York, and Paris, trying to outplay his enemies as well as satisfying the hedonistic desires of the super-rich to own the world’s most desirable diamonds, pink diamonds…

Brilliant Cut is the  second book in the Charlie Robertson series.

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