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Diamond with Blood for Rough Cut No Back

Below are other readers comments about Brilliant Cut. If you've already read it, it would help me enormously if you could also leave me a Review on Amazon, or on this website at the "Contact" tab above. 

Thank you.

“Peter Gray has done it again! Continuing the thrilling story of Charlie Robertson from his first book, Rough Cut, Peter has crafted another gem of a novel in Brilliant Cut. Readers won’t be disappointed. Read this riveting book before it becomes a movie!”

Leonard Szymczak, best selling Author of The Roadmap Home, California, USA, 5 Star Amazon Review



“Rough Cut and Brilliant Cut were both truly amazing! The characters come alive on the page and you feel like you are with them every step of the way. I can't wait for the sequel!”

Doreen Kirchner, Sydney, Australia, 5 Star Amazon Review


“Brilliant Cut is even better than Rough Cut! I love the story. It is a mix of very interesting facts with fiction.”

Fran Warner, NSW, Australia, 5 Star Amazon Review



“Brilliant Cut is the second in a trilogy of thrillers by Peter Gray based around the story of the diamond magnate Charlie Robertson. The first in the series is Rough Cut, which tells the story of Charlie’s childhood in a London slum, enforced repatriation to Australia, the acquiring of an abundance of rare pink diamonds in Western Australia, and his subsequent private and public life as a diamond magnate. Brilliant Cut continues Charlie’s story and his continuing acquisition of wealth and the building of a massive diamond enterprise in the northern hemisphere.

Both books are excellent ‘page-turners’ combining elements of mystery, violence and intrigue with romantic encounters---and the occasional depiction of uninhibited sexual trysts. Both books have an essential moral foundation in that, in the end, the bad get punished and the good rewarded. Both then, incorporate traditional elements of the traditional thriller with a wide landscape of very well researched vistas ranging from the vastness of the Australian outback to the sophistication and greed of the cosmopolitan capitals of Britain, Paris and the USA. Both grab your attention and make you want to go on reading.

One positive element which enables this is the structure of short, pithy chapters throughout. Another is the dramatis personae list at the beginning which one can flip back to in order to refresh one’s memory of status and background on any of the numerous characters which populate both books.

One point struck me which seems not to have been noticed by other reviewers.  Charlie Roberson is portrayed as the personification of good management. He gets to know his staff personally and, although he expects (and gets) total effort and loyalty from them, he neither struts nor parades his wealth. He sums people up quickly and takes pride in placing the right people in the right positions. The description of the various types of handshake and how he deduces character from them is quite masterly. He looks after his staff, from the manager of an international diamond company to the woman who cleans the building at night.  And this is all to do with his character, not his wealth. These volumes could almost be sold as an instructive guide on how to manage people well. Goodness knows, there is much need for it in the world today.

Two final questions. Does one need to read the books in order? I did, but Gray takes care to inform the reader of the necessary background without becoming repetitive so it shouldn’t really be necessary. And secondly, which of the two did I prefer? There’s not much in it, but I would plump for the first (and longer) of the two, mainly because quite a bit of it is set in the outback areas of Australia, a part of the world where I grew up in and know well. The second book is set more in the sophisticate capitals of Europe and America. But that is a personal opinion which may not mean much to others.”

Professor Julian Mincham, London, England, 5 Star Amazon Review


"The details of the characters and places in the book makes you feel that you are there and part of the story added to the fact that it is a great story makes it a must-read. Can't wait to read the final book!”

Garry J Doughty, NSW, Australia, 5 Star Amazon Review


"The second in the Charlie Robertson series and more of the fast-paced, exciting adventures from Peter Gray. Another great page-turner. Break a leg to get hold of it!"

John Crampsie, London, England, 5 Star Amazon Review


"Great follow-on from Rough Cut. Cannot wait for the next instalment!"

June Chaproniere, London, England, 5 Star Amazon Review


"Peter Gray is a great storyteller in the true sense of the word. Brilliant Cut, his second thriller in the Charlie Robertson series is a visually detailed and entertaining account of the intriguing worlds that Charlie inhabits. He is no epic hero in the classical sense but one thing he doesn’t want to be is ordinary and this is no ordinary thriller!

Be prepared to lurch from the rawness of outback Australia to the glamour and intrigue of London, New York and Hong Kong as Charlie relentlessly and strategically pursues his quest for wealth and power, a veiled quest for recognition, respect and ultimately love.

His story is cleverly woven through fast-paced and satisfying narrative, authentic characters, especially the strong women in his life and of course pursuit by his ruthless enemies. All this set against the glamorous backdrop of the world’s rarest and most beautiful pink diamonds and those who desire them.

Some very surprising and intriguing twists await you in Brilliant Cut and like everyone, you will want to meet Charlie Robertson! He’s larger than life and his world never stands still - here’s hoping one day we’ll see him on the big screen where he deserves to be! See if you agree.

Looking forward to President’s Cut."

Lyn Moorhouse, Canberra, Australia, 5 Star Review


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