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Below are readers' comments about The Rarest Cut. If you've already read it, it would help me enormously if you could also leave me a review on Amazon, or on this website at the Contact tab above. 

Thank you.


The Rarest Cut begins with a twist that readers won’t see coming, before the action spreads like a virus.  The thing about a really great novel is that it leaves you wanting more. The Rarest Cut is a fast-flowing, dramatic action adventure, that is always compelling.  Turning the last page will leave you fully satisfied, but that’s when the desire for more sets in. 

Gray’s portrayal of his hero, Charlie Robertson, in this latest novel of his striking pink diamond series, delivers and delivers.  It provides a rare spotlight on the mining industry in outback Australia, coloured against the dark background of global greed and evil.  It is an original thriller with an unlikely hero who uses his brains to overcome his enemies, thwarting international espionage and avoiding major conflict, while all the time focusing on protecting his family.

The story is laced with extensive technical, mining, scientific and military details reminiscent of Tom Clancy or Frederick Forsythe that make the fiction all the more believable and paints a storyboard that captures the imagination.  It will make a great movie.

This is a must-read."

Rod Doyle, Australia, 5 Star Review




Loved The Rarest Cut—the best yet with so many breathtaking twists and turns, great characters, and yet also educational with insights into the diamond and mining industries. Great fast-paced novel everyone will enjoy."

Fran Warner, NSW, Australia, 5 Star Review


What a brilliant author Peter Gray is. I am currently reading The Rarest Cut and am in awe at how I actually feel like I am there in the plot, being thrown off a cliff, drowning in the back of a car and sitting in the Oval Office talking to the President. If anyone has any contacts within the movie industry I would urge them to suggest that this series of books would make an incredible blockbuster. A must read."

Doreen Kirchner, Sydney, Australia, 5 Star Review


Once again I thought it was a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed the grip that it had on me. It kept me riveted all the way through. I still think (your books) would make a great TV series."

Rosanne Ward, NSW, Australia, 5 Star Review


Peter Gray is back, with the fourth instalment of the Charlie Robertson saga.  Continuing the story of the development of his pink diamond global empire with new and intriguing uses for pink diamonds in communications and medicine, the discovery of ancient fossils leads to finding much-sought-after rare earth deposits.  Murder, international espionage and family business are inextricably linked in this fast-moving page-turner with totally unexpected plot twists.  Is Charlie Robertson really an honest businessman and committed family man, or a self-serving misogynistic murderer?  Read  The Rarest Cut to find out!  You won’t be disappointed."

Dr Chris Lukey, Australia, 5 Star Review


Thank you for The Rarest Cut. I read it over the Christmas break, it only took 5 days! It kept me engaged and it is certainly not a put-downable read! I found it as good and enjoyable as the previous in the series, and I'm looking forward to the next one!"

Barry Pike, Wollongong, Australia, 5 Star Review


I thoroughly enjoyed The Rarest Cut. It has short Chapters which keep the action moving all the time with believable characters and also has a clever link back to the two novellas, "Dr Davenport" and "An Interview with Sir Charles Robertson". It has a high level of detail combined with an intricate lattice of alluring plot lines that keeps the reader on their toes. And of course, good prevails over evil once more but with a sufficiently loose ending enabling Charles’s next adventure!

I'm really impressed yet again.”

Tony Purdon, NSW, Australia, 5 Star Review


I was delighted and surprised with "The Rarest Cut", frankly I could not see how you could maintain the interest and the high quality of writing in a fourth book (in the series) but you have achieved it! The plot is different (to the other books) yet links back seamlessly with the previous stories. As a stand-alone book it delivers quality and interest to the last page and I cannot see how someone enjoying this book would not want the whole saga from book one onwards.  

One plot line of The Rarest Cut was intriguing—it is indeed true that the pink colour of pink diamonds is caused by the pressure distortion in the crystal lattice structure and the particular molecular shift that allows the attachment of drug molecules (to pink nanodiamonds) without detachment or rejection, is a novel concept which to the best of my knowledge has never been written in a novel before. 

One of the fascinations of the four books (in the series)  is the skillful way that technical detail and human interest have been woven in with the commercial aspects of the various storylines. A great example is the individual chapter prefacing of rare earth elemental details (pleasingly all accurate) woven in with the introduction of Lyn Baker into Charlie’s life, masterly!!!

In conclusion, you have produced a superb book, the previous books have had their own paths and storylines yet they flow seamlessly from book one to book four, the physical presentations of the books and the proofing are of outstanding quality.  

The Charlie Robertson series is a diamond in a sea containing so much dross. Thank you once again for the much-appreciated opportunity to review this excellent book.”

Tom Kavanagh, Coventry, England, 5 Star Review


I really enjoyed this book. It is thoroughly well-researched, and fast-moving with a thrilling and gripping storyline. In fact, the story is very relevant to current events of our time. The book is also an education, full of facts around geography and geology and the importance of rare earths into the future. The book and writing are up there if not better than most of the famous thriller authors that I have read over the years!"

Ken Humphries, NSW, Australia, 5 Star Review


I have just finished “The Rarest Cut” and what a read! I’m impressed and amazed with the art of storytelling and character development in The Rarest Cut, not to mention the ever-increasing complexity of the plot line. Some days I felt like Alice going down the rabbit hole into a labyrinth of intrigue and unexpected twists and turns wondering where I was headed and what was going to confront me next.

I liked the short, sharp chapters which gave real momentum. As in the previous books, the chapter beginnings had snippets of informative information to set the scene. Then the diversity of content: palaeontology,  geology, rare earths, chemistry, love, hatred, greed, loyalty, treason, reconciliation, espionage, politics, family, good guys and bad guys, all came together like an intricate tapestry! 

I also found the back-and-forth transition between the different storylines kept my interest. 

And great to see the promotion of strong and capable women and, of course, those with less admirable qualities! Everyone needs money to survive! 

Charlie Robertson is a family man and his relationships with those he loves and respects shines through. It is reassuring to have some moral fibre in that regard because Charlie can be ruthless when on a mission. 

As with Charlie’s earlier adventures, I truly believe this has the makings of a fantastic movie/series…with great characters, locations, plot lines and plenty of intrigue. 

The Rarest Cut is an extraordinary achievement."

Lyn Moorhouse, Canberra, Australia, 5 Star Review

“...A STUNNER!...

In The Rarest Cut, the fourth book in the series, Peter Gray delivers another fast-paced, well-researched thriller, filled with intrigue and realistic insight into the world of espionage and rare-earth technology... a stunner!"

Denise Burns, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 5 Star Review


I should've been fixing a burst pipe in my frozen back garden in wintry England but I'd picked up the latest Peter Gray novel, the fourth instalment of the Charlie Robertson series, which just gets better and better.  It drew me in so quickly that the burst pipe had to wait!  It's an astonishing achievement to keep the reader informed, interested and excited; the detail that Peter Gray includes lets us know about rare earth minerals, Russian weapons systems and stolen diamonds. The pace and plotting of the book were as good as any of the well-known names of the genre. The format of a brief paragraph about rare earths and diamonds at the start of each chapter works well. The chapters are punchy and encourage you to continue reading. The characters are believable and relatable. The denouement is exciting and leaves you wanting more. Stand aside Boyd, Forsyth, Coben, King, Child et al, there's a new rival coming through!"

John Crampsie, London, England, 5 Star Review


I read The Rarest Cut and finished it in two days.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and consider it to be the best of the series.  I passed it on to a friend in our unit block and he enjoyed it very much also. Both of us were very impressed with the amount of detail contained in the storyline, you must have spent a long time on research about the technical content in the book. I am going on a Kimberly cruise at the end of July and will take it with me to re-read it. I hope that you can write a further episode that could possibly draw the whole Robertson story to a satisfactory close (only if you think that you have exhausted the topic and wish to "retire" from your amazing literary pursuits)."

Professor Denis Montgomery, Wollongong University, NSW, Australia



I have enjoyed the first three books so much and think that the storylines get better and better with each book. I started reading The Rarest Cut on the journey home and found it as compelling as the other books - maybe even more so. Your female characters are great and it's good that they are just not 'companions' to the male characters. The male characters are strong but the 'good' guys also have a caring and vulnerable side to them. All in all, the characters in the books are very real to me and I am enjoying the journey through their 'lives'. Thank you for introducing me to the Robertson family."

Ann Burns, Wemyss Bay, Scotland 

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