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THE Rarest CUT

Back Cover Summary:

When an international team of palaeontologists want to explore Charlie Robertson's land in Western Australia for ancient fossils, the request didn't even reach Charlie's desk, and his son Andrew running the Australian diamond mining operation approved it without a second thought. But when two members of the team fell over a cliff and died, it did reach Charlie's desk and he wondered if there was more to it. 

Then he received a surprise call from Dr James Grosvenor, the head of the Grosvenor Pharmaceutical Corporation in London. Grosvenor wanted to talk about nanodiamonds, something Charlie had never heard of, but rapidly discovered that they were a giant breakthrough in medical technology. They had vast potential but were missing a key to unlock their life-saving capabilities which might be found by using Charlie's diamonds. Charlie becomes deeply involved with nanodiamonds, but a giant Swiss drug company, Bachmann Gerber AG, is determined to stop him.


Then he discovers what the palaeontologists were really searching for and every pariah state and terrorist organisation are after it, intending to brush Charlie and his family aside to get it. If they do, the security of the western world is at stake.   

Planned for release 2023

The Rarest Cut is the sequel to The President's Cut and is the fourth book in the Charlie Robertson series.

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