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Dark Blue Ocean South of Australia for H

the unlikely hero who becomes a diamond billionaire...

Peter Gray

Author of the Charlie Robertson thrillers... 

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"Reminded me of the best of William Boyd or Dan Brown..."

Rough Cut FACE VIEW VHR Ver 14.png

"A master storyteller..."

"Unfolds like a riveting movie..."

"Absolutely brilliant, I can't put it down!"

"A superb book... I rate it up there with Jeffrey Archer and Frederick Forsyth."

"Even better than Baldacci..."

"A real page turner..." ABC Australia

If you like Daniel Silva's hero, Gabriel Allon, you'll love Charlie Robertson...



New York



Intrigue and Drama...







Dark Blue Ocean South of Australia for H

As the Nazi storm clouds were gathering, Charlie Robertson was growing up as a Cockney kid, dodging poverty, and then the Luftwaffe bombs falling on London.  As the bombing raids increase, his mother, in a desperate attempt to protect her son, sends seven year old Charlie away to Australia, all alone. 


He feels abandoned and vows to return one day. One day when he wouldn't be a penniless kid any more. He suffers years of fruitless hard work and frustration, culminating in great tragedy. Finally, his luck changes and he finds pink diamonds, the rarest diamonds on earth, but finding the diamonds turns out to be the easy part. Getting them onto the international market is a much more difficult problem as Charlie soon discovers. 


He is confronted by a world of corrupt Government officials, sleazy international bankers, a global diamond monopoly, South African killers and a ruthless ex-Stasi Colonel, all trying to stop him. 


But giving up wasn’t in Charlie Robertson’s DNA...  



Rough Cut is the first book in the Charlie Robertson Series.

Rough Cut Back Cover...



Rough Cut FACE VIEW VHR Ver 14.png
FRONT COVER of Brilliant Cut with Review
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Available FREE from this website

Dr Davenport 9 by 6 Front Cover High Res
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Videos...(click on Video then expand to full screen) 

Diamonds To Die For...#1 NEW

Rough Cut Video #2

Rough Cut Video #3

Rough Cut #4 NEW

Brilliant Cut Video #5

The President's Cut Video #6

The President's Cut Video #7

The President's Cut Video #8

The Rarest Cut #9

The Rarest Cut #10 NEW

The Rarest Cut #11 NEW

Dr Davenport #12

An Interview with Sir Charles Robertson Video #13

This home page contains a snapshot of the books, but this website also contains a wealth of information for avid Charlie Robertson fans, e.g. 


  • Why did Churchill have a Secret Dossier on Charlie?; 

  • And what was the Secret CIA file on Charlie?; 

  • What are the hidden codes on the Maps in the books? 

These and other facts are all on this website. You can use the SEARCH bar and the MORE feature at the top.

Finally, if you enjoy the books, and, or like the videos, please subscribe or leave me a comment.



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